Our Business.

Combines the latest in technology with Agronomic  expertise.  Pro Tech Partners is dedicated to increasing the productivity of your land.  By using information obtained from Global Positioning  System ( GPS) satellites, along with detailed planning.  Pro Tech Partners enables farmers to analyze hundreds of variables for each piece of ground on their farms. Our technology precisely measures data from each piece of land and converts the variables into a number of unique reports for analysis.  By knowing what to expect from each piece of land, farmers are better able to understand the variable that determine the productivity of their land.


As the marketplace grows more sophisticated, it makes demands that traditional commodity grains can no longer fulfill. 

For example, livestock growers are seeking improved grain that provide their animals with increased nutritional value by  assisting with crop certification.  Pro Tech Partners provides value-added services that help you improve the marketability of your grain in the changing marketplace.

Our Customers.

Our customers go into farming because they love it - the smell of freshly-turned earth, the thunder of a well-tuned tractor engine, gazing across the fields at acres of healthy grain, the deep sense of satisfaction from a hard day's work that benefits the country.  They are farmers who continually seek better management techniques for their farms in order to improve productivity and profitability year after year.

Pro Tech Advisors

We are passionate about farming and using technology to boost a farm's profitability.  With many years of experience in production agriculture we offer farmers improved information about their land, allowing them to better control the variables that impact production and profitability.