Pro Ap Professional Turf Fertilizer

Pro Ap Professional Turf Fertilizer began as a joint venture between Frick Services, Inc. and Tim Kehoe Group, Inc. of Oswego, IL. in September of 2003. In 2005,  Fertilizer-Crabgrass pre-emergence combination products were added; followed by Fertilizer-Insecticide combinations in 2007.  Pro Ap Products continues to expand the blended and bagged fertilizer line to the professional Lawn and Landscape industry.  Pro Ap Fertilizers are produced at the Frick  Burns Harbor facility.    
In 2006 packaged pesticide products were added and the distribuion network was expanded  adding a location in  Surgar Grove Illionois to cover the West Chicagoland suburan area.   area.   By the end of 2008 producst were distruibuted by six distributor companies covering several U.S. states to the lawn care, landscape and golf professionals
Pro Ap Products consist of several proprietary product lines that include; One AP Once a Year Fertilizers, N-Fate Branded Nitrogen and X10 Nitrogen Extender.   

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Pro Ap-Prof. Lawn Fertilizer  Division 
Manager Pro-Ap Products Division: Tim Kehoe (630) 768-2014
Assistant Manager:  Adam Leatherman (630) 740-0677
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